Aron Schumacher
Aron SchumacherChief of Department (60)
Andy Kressley
Andy KressleyDeputy Chief (601)
Chris Going
Chris GoingAssitant Chief (602)
Ethan Goller
Ethan GollerAssistant Chief (603)
Jeanine Fazzino
Jeanine FazzinoTreasurer
Scott LaCross
Scott LaCrossSecretary
Jonathan Folts
Jonathan FoltsChaplain
Josh Painter
Josh PainterCaptain (604)
Archie Leonardis
Archie LeonardisCaptain (605)
Doug Harreys
Doug HarreysLieutenant (606)
Don Schumacher
Don SchumacherSafety Officer (608)
Paul Fazzino Jr.
Paul Fazzino Jr.Safety Officer (609)
Peter Lindner (6R1)
Peter Lindner (6R1)EMS Coordinator Firefighter/EMS Responder
George Washburn (6R2)
George Washburn (6R2)Firefighter/EMS Responder
Chris Denison (6R3)
Chris Denison (6R3)Firefighter/EMS Responder
Andy Unghire
Andy UnghireChief Engineer (611)
Paul Fazzino Sr.
Paul Fazzino Sr.Deputy Engineer (614)
Pete Lempicki
Pete LempickiDeputy Engineer (615)
Gary Mitchel
Gary MitchelDeputy Engineer (613)
Cliff Ward
Cliff WardDeputy Engineer (612)

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